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Last updated: January, 2020


We serve our paid members with a digital platform; that we call your electronic storage place # 1 to creatively store real passwords under imaginary business names using our e-tree website.


This enables our members to continue storing their real online business names, or places of personal business, along with all usernames in your very first storage location in use before coming to  We call your original electronic storage place # 2, (pad of paper, bank deposit box, or electronic storage).  Your option today is to stop combining your real secret passwords in location # 2, along with your username and the actual name of the business. That created a very sensitive place of information.


We created a plan for descriptive names of the businesses, or creative account location names on this website.  Our branding of pictures and creative business descriptions are to help assist your desire to want hide your passwords better.  We call your passwords; p-nuts, private E-nuts, or password-nuts, online p-nuts, and online password-nuts.  So, put your e-squirrel creative genius to work and start hiding your p-nut passwords today.

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